Friday, October 7, 2011

Really How are You?

I want to say that the last post was not meant to be about a specific Church or just about me as a grieve...this happens all over America. We want it to look like we as Christians have everything together. We don't want to answer "how are you?" with "I'm just not that good today" because we don't want anyone to know the pain we are going through, or the trial that we have been placed in, the fact that someone we love is an addict, that there is sin in and around our lives. We just want everyone to think that our life is perfect and keep all our hurts, trials, sins to ourselves. Well no one is perfect, no one can even say that their life is perfect...we all have pain we all have trials we need to be there for each other to help them through those painful times and the trials. We should be able to lean on a fellow believer in order to make it through a hard time or a trial. But for some reason we want to put on this "perfect" front and let everyone believe that everything is "perfect" when we all know that no one's life is perfect! I just want people to really think about whether or not they are putting up a fake front for people or are they really letting people in so that we are a Church family can bear up their burdens. Please take a look at how you answer this question at Church..."how are you?"  If you are not that good that day or there is something that you really do need prayer about maybe you should say it to the person asking the question...not just answer with "I am doing well" or "I am good"

Believers should be there to build each other up, to bear their burdens, to pray for each other...and we should all feel free to share these things with each other as we are all brothers and sisters in Christ!!! WE ARE FAMILY

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