Thursday, October 6, 2011

Lord you are amazing

    on Sunday, October 2, 2011 at 6:39pm
I love you!

Your the best!!

Keep up the great work!!

(This was written in Jimmy's handwriting on a pink post it)

This is the note that I found from Jimmy today in my
journal. I knew it was there however finding it again made me cry. As I sat
there in church reflecting on this note I was sad and encouraged all at the
same time. Jimmy left things like this for me quite often and to not have that
anymore at all makes me very sad. However as I sat there I felt like it was his
in encouragement for me to make it through the day. He would always tell
me..."you are the best wife in the universe" why didn't I believe it
while he was alive? Why is it hard to believe the good things that people say
about you? With all my faults (and I know there are many of them) he loved me
without any conditions, with a love that a lot of women do not ever see in
their lifetime.

When I think about all the women out there that are married
and feel like they are stuck with a man that does not even love them or the
women that are divorced due to a man that did not love them or the women that
think that marriage is way too hard due to the fact that their husband does not
love them like they should...I feel blessed. I feel blessed to have had a
marriage that was Christ centered! Jimmy loved me as Christ loved the
Church...if he would have been given the option to give up his life for mine I
know he would have done it. I know without a shadow of a doubt that Jimmy loved
me with all that he had...and for that I am very grateful. If God would have
asked me to give up my life for his I would have done it...without even
thinking. We loved each other with a love that most people cannot even
understand...we loved each other as ourselves. I am so thankful that we HAVE a
love that is everlasting. I will see him again the day I meet my for
now I have to continue to put Christ first in my life. Christ has to be the
Lord of my life no matter what else happens in my life. He is the author and
finisher of my life. He knew when I would be born and He knows when I will die
until that day I have to serve Him with all that I have and allow Him to do what
He wants with my life. I have to be willing to go and do whatever He has
planned for me life.

Thank You Lord for your love and for your patience with me even
when I want to walk the other way. Lord you are amazing, your love is amazing,
your steadfastness is amazing, your strength is amazing I am in awe of all that
you do for me.

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