Tuesday, November 1, 2011

My life on a hamster wheel!!

All the things you need to deal with after a loved one dies....

some call it a process

some call it difficult

some call it something that is needed to be done

some call it hard

I call it...dreaded, being on a hamster wheel, so far beyond a process that it should have its own name!!

Have a mentioned that I hate paperwork? I know it all has to be done...I just wish that at least one of the people would talk to me in this long line of people I have to talk to regarding all the crappy paperwork! I went to the bank today and tried to get medallion signatures on two sets of paper (did you know that such a signature existed because I didn't!!) well they could only put the medallion stamp on one of the sets of paper. Well the info they need to be able to do the medallion stamp on one of the sets was info that I could only get by sending all this paperwork in together...UGH!!! See what I mean about being on a hamster wheel...

Each set of paperwork, or phone call to a company or anything that needs to get done when someone dies is like getting onto a new hamster wheel each time. When you are done with one wheel it is onto the next wheel to keep going in circles over and over and over again. I can't even explain the exhaustion from all this pointless running in circles. I am really starting to feel like this is all pointless.

I can't even pay off our car since my name is not on the account...really you won't even take my money to pay the car off? I mean come on...you would think that you could get them to talk to you if you say you are going to pay off the debt. NO you can't if your name is not on the account then forget it!

I mean the way they treat you...with disrespect, attitudes and just plain being mean...no one should have to be treated this way especially not a widow. I mean come on...I lose my husband and you want to talk to me with an attitude? Well let me tell you I am the queen of attitude and they have not even began to see it at this point!! I am so sick of dealing with the rude people...the attitudes...the disrespect!!

I can understand why people do not want to deal with all of this after someone dies! I now understand why years  go by and these things are not done!!

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  1. so sorry, lisa... i cant even imagine what you're feeling... compassion is so beautiful, why so many give up their opportunity to show it in the lives of others is very sad. big hugs, girly. He never gives us more than we can handle, with Him. {that's sometimes hard to accept when things seem unbearable, i totally understand!} xoxo