Monday, November 28, 2011

I am blessed with work

The Lord has given me a job that is so amazing. I just had to share with you  how much a blessing it has been to be there! The is a man who is probably in his sixties at least...he comes to find me and give me a hug everyday during his break. At first he just came to say hi and give me a hug, then he would bring me a tea bag to drink at night when I got home the last few times I have seen him he has brought me a picture he drew, then today he brought me a Christmas card (my first Christmas card of the season)!!  He is so sweet and now even asks about Max each day, he was so excited to see Max's picture today :)

In the past week there is another guy how is probably in his 30's who comes to me each morning and evening to pray with me. Before Thanksgiving he took my had and bowed his head and prayed to our Savior and asked Him to give me the strength to get through this Thanksgiving. He had no idea what this past 4 months has looked like for me yet the Holy Spirit led him not only to pray for me but also to pray for amazing!

God is so bring these great men into my life. All of the people there are very loving including my other coworkers. Today I had lunch with the ladies I work with and we all shared what everyone brought it was like coming home to a family meal. Not only did the Lord give me these men that are new friends but He also gave me some new family to add to the rest :)

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