Saturday, November 12, 2011

Interracial Marriage

Only 13 years before I was born interracial marriage was legalized in all of the US. It was only 42 years before Jimmy and I were married. I will be honest I never did that well in it was not until I went to the Holocaust museum that I actually realized this. I know it might seem as though I am a little dense...but really I just don't see why all people can't just be treated the same no matter what color they are! I have always felt that way. I remember watching movies that showed what people went through during slavery in this country and I would just cry and ask my mom why did this happen? I still do not understand why in the world people think certain people are different because of the skin on the outside of them.

I would prefer to get to know someone for who they are inside not based on the color of their skin. If you are rude then I would prefer not to see the rest of who you are. If you are nice to me then I will probably want to get to know you more. It does not matter what color you are...if you are rude or mean to me I will not want to get to know you more. Regardless of your color if you are nice and caring towards me I will more than likely want to get to know you more. Why is it that some people look at only your skin color and nothing else!

I am so thankful that interracial marriage was allowed me to marry the best man in the world for me. If I had looked at the color of Jimmy's skin and decided that I would not get to know him based on that I would not have had such a wonderful husband. The most important characteristic I was looking for in a spouse was that he would love me without conditions...and Jimmy knew how to do that with everyone! I have to say that I am a lucky girl to have had such a wonderful husband. He stood up for me when it counted, he loved me unconditionally, he prayed for me daily, he balanced me so well, he was such an amazing man and I am so lucky that God chose me to be his wife.

Thank you Lord for such an amazing plan...Jimmy was such a great husband! Our relationship was all that a girl dreams of when she is young.

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