Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Choosing to see the positive

For those of you that know me you know that at times I can be very patient then with other things I tend to have absolutely no patients at all. Today the heat was finally fixed in my workshop after 2 days  without it. This morning the temperature was down to 47 on the inside...yikes! My hands and nose felt as though they were going to fall off. I was frustrated with the fact that it felt like Pittsburgh on the inside of the lack of patience.  Due to the fact that it felt like the north pole in our workshop we all went over to the cafeteria where we watched Christmas movies.

While we were there one of the men that I serve wanted to play solitaire, he is 70 half blind and half deaf, watching him play takes patience all in itself. So then I put the cards out to play a game myself, he sat there with me as I played. As I went through the cards over and over again I got frustrated that I could not do anything else. Then as I went through one more time he said "stop"...he saw that I could move a few cards around and get a little further in the game.

I think that the Lord is trying to teach me a few things lately and patience is at the top of the list I guess. My choice of how to look at my situation is also something that the Lord is teaching me. That same 70 year old man had a situation where last Saturday where he slumped over in his wheel chair and was very confused. I went with him to the clinic and had flash backs of when Jimmy was in the hospital on July 15th. It was so hard to be there with him as they went through triage right there in the clinic. As it turns out there was nothing wrong, every test that they preformed came back negative.

As I told a friend about this situation she said what if God let this happen while you were there to be with the man in order for you to go through it with a good outcome. Does God want me to understand that not everyone in my life is going to die? Does he want me to understand that His plan in the best? Does He want me to learn to fully trust HIM no matter what? I believe that the Lord does want me to look at each situation and trust Him and to believe that He will take care of me no matter what. Sometimes I just forget to think about my hard situations that way...instead I think about the fact that I am hurting, I didn't get my way or that I know what is best. But I don't!!

So I will choose to see every situation as God's plan and choose to see how it can be worked together for my good. I will choose to see the positive instead of the negative all the time. Thank you Lord for teaching me to see the world through your eyes and not my own.  

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