Tuesday, March 6, 2012

March is here!!!

I came to a realization yesterday...February is OVER!!! Praise God that I lived through the hardest month of grief so far!! It is a relief for March to come this year. February was a very emotionally draining month for me, I am looking forward to this month not being as emotionally draining. On Saturday a friend came over and helped me paint the two bedrooms in my house...Thank God for friends!! Both of the bedrooms look so much different and I love them both now. They are rearranged and have new bedding...I will post pictures as soon as I get everything back into place :)  

Please keep praying that the LORD continue to give me His peace through this awful time of grief for me. Also that He would put the desires into my heart that He has for me and that I would follow His will through those desires. I want to thank you all for your constant love, prayer & support I can't even begin to explain how much each one of you means to me. I know that there are days it is as if I am floating around on your prayers...thank you so much as they are very much needed!!

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