Saturday, March 31, 2012

Getting Healthy

I have decided that I need to get healthy, not only to lose weight but also to become healthy in general.  Due to the fact that I had to deal with many medical issues with Jimmy I feel that this is the best way to honor him.  Do I need to lose weight yes, but I also need to make better choices regarding food to make sure that I will be healthy for the future. I remember telling Jimmy that he needed to care for himself in order for us to be together longer...and I wish that we would have had many more years together but that is not what happened. But I can make sure that I stay healthy in his honor! I will try to tell you all how I am doing weekly through the blog. I want to ask all of you to help keep me accountable if I don't report back because that probably means that I am slacking.

So week one started on Tuesday, March 27th.

First week I did a walking work out that involves all parts of the body not just walking.

6 miles (Tue - Fri)


There was only one day of bad choices =D (I think that I need to let myself "cheat" so to speak sometimes or I will just stop all together)

My motto is everything in moderation...exercise, food & spending time with others...all while putting God first. Please pray that I keep this up because I have tried this more than once and failed each time.  

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