Sunday, July 22, 2012

Looking at things from another perspective...

While I have been in Punta Cana I have been forced to see the blessings in my life. I have talked to some of the staff and I can't believe what they go through just to work. First of all they all work for 12 days straight then only have 3 days off. Some of them live off of the property and the ones that do travel  45 minutes just to get to work and back. And from what I have seen the mode of transportation is a bus so they have to wait for a bus to pick them up as well on the way back home. And the ride is not what you would call smooth...haha.  The ones that live here are here for the 12 days without their family. They have a room to stay in here on property and while I have not seen one of them I am sure it is nothing like mine. One of the staff told me that they are not even air conditioned (I feel the need to clarify that he was not complaining I asked if they had AC).

 I am hot in my room with the AC on and the fan blowing straight on me. The humidity is awful here I feel sticky no matter what I do. I can't imagine sleeping without AC in this climate. When Jimmy and I both had jobs we came home to each other at night, we did not stay at our work place for 12 days without the other one. We did not have to leave children with our parents in order to even have a job. I can't imagine the stress of leaving your family behind just to support them, or the stress of both people working and still not having enough to make ends meet.

I have been a bit stressed out at work the past month or so but I am sure it does not even compare to the stress that the locals here deal with on a daily basis. I am sure their wages are nothing compared to even what people get on welfare in the States. And yet I never hear one complaint. They are happy to have a job at all!

When you see the way other people live in a 3rd world country you are forced to count your own blessings for sure.

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