Sunday, May 27, 2012

Operation Getting Healthy

On the exercise front...

Last week I got up at 4:30am each morning and did a one mile walking video, it was hard to get up that early but I did it Monday-Friday. I was thinking that I needed to start adding in some strength training as well. So I did some pushups (girly ones...ha ha), some abs exercises and some leg exercises. I made sure to alternate between upper and lower body as to not make my muscles hurt too much. Some pain is ok but too much will cause me to stop working out all together. It is good to know your own limitations.

On Saturday I also washed the car by hand. I know that this might not seem like that much of a workout but it sure is, especially when your short and you have to climb on the car just to reach the roof :) After I washed the car I went to the pool to just lay there in the sun and listen to music...yep I am sun burnt! You would think that I would learn to put on like spf 50 sunscreen but I never do!!  I have decided that Sunday will always be a day to rest from exercising because I need a day to let my body recover.

On the emotional front...

I have had a hard week emotionally, I suspect this is due to our 3 year wedding anniversary coming up. It is so hard to believe that last year we celebrated our 2 year anniversary together and then this year he is gone. So much can change in 365 days! Wednesday May 30th would have marked 3 years of marriage for us...what does that day mean now? I don't even know!

Please pray for me on that day as it will be a very difficult day for me. I did take the day off of work as I knew that it would be an awful day for me, so that is a blessing at least.

On the Spiritual front...

I have been praying more and reading the Bible more. I am very thankful that God has placed a friend into my life that is holding me accountable for this area of my life as I have always struggled with this. I can now feel that God is right there holding me through all of this and that He is picking up the pieces of my heart. He is healing my heart and I am so thankful that He is.

On the Creative front...

I have not done anything creative this week but I am coming up with ideas of new projects. Once I get some done I will post new pictures :)

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